About us  

Maimoontech is an IT company focusing primarily on software development, web development, e-commerce and various vertical business solutions. Founded in 2008, Maimoontech provides affordable and proficient programming services to its local and international customers. The company excels in completing the cycle from process automation to report generation.

The founder of the company Mr. Fakhruddin Shabbir Hussain has a proven track record in development arena and has experience in migrating systems from FoxPro to latest dotNet technology. His 9 years experience in reputed industrial sector has given him an edge on process understanding and mapping the work flows into programming practices. His edge is his proficiency and knowledge multiple technologies, because of which he is not dependent on technology but works on perfection of methods.

From offline intranet solution to web based online applications, Maimoontech has a right solution to your business needs. For enterprise solutions, Maimoontech has affiliation with BohraDevelopers where Maimoontech hire resources and guarantees completion of tasks as per clients’ requirements. This is the reason Maimoontech has been able to serve companies like Jafferjees, Faize Hakimi, Saifiyah Boys High School, Burhani Guards International, Burhani Guards Trust, Custom Public School and many others. In the similar fashion Maimoontech provides development services to BohraDevelopers in many vertical industry segments.

Focused Business Areas;

  • School Management System
  • Enterprise Management System
  • Manufacturing Process Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Web Development